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❔ • M Y S T E R Y • B O X • ❔

Alrighty! I am pulling the trigger on these Arrow N Boutique mystery boxes! 😍

🌼 Hand-picked items by me.
When ordering I need shirt, pants, dress/skirt and shoe sizes. This does not mean these will all be in there, but I want to make sure I have ALL the bases covered because you never know what you'll get. 😘

🌼 I want to make these as personal as possible and also want you to love them so a little about you when messaging me would be AMAZING! Example: I love cactus and the color purple.

🌼 I also don't want to put something in it that you can't relate to! Example: Fur mom, girl mom, boy mom, or a mom to both. Cat person vs dog person. Etc.

PLEASE send us a message via Facebook on our page for your likes, or we will contact you!

• Adults (Men and women) and Kids •

💥 1-4 items - These will be smaller scale items like 1 shirt vs 2+ etc.

💥 1-5 items

💥 5-10 items


💚 Sezzle is available on these! 💚

• NO Rep codes with these at this time.
• NO refunds or returns unless an item is damaged! Return policy explains what needs to be done for damaged products.
• If sizing is off for some reason, you can exchange sizes if it is available! If it is not available, I will issue in-store credit or discount codes in exchange.

Send info to me on Arrow N Boutique or I will contact you once your order is placed!